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Black Diamond

 Paloma White  
 Soul Support 

Meet your deepest needs and achieve your most desired change...

with magical efficiency

By connecting with your own inner-knowing

open pandora's box with green smoke on a

You open Pandora's box

deep inside your own inner-world...

only to discover it's where your most valuable resources were waiting for you all along.

Imagine for a moment

I have really great news for you.


Nurturing your soul,

solving your highest-priority problems,

igniting the creative fire that fuels you from the inside out...


CAN happen in a fraction of the time you might think (like, in an hour with me) 

And with a technique I’d bet you’ve never heard of, let alone experienced. 


Lean back in your chair and enjoy the sense of possibilities unfolding…

With the help of your greatest inner resources, you can have, do, feel... anything your heart desires.

when you work with me you’ll…


  • Discover your unique mental talismans for effectively and playfully dancing with your demons.

  • Find your on-off switch for inner peace and creative flow. You do have one.

  • Watch your deepest wellspring of energy, inspiration, clarity effortlessly replenish itself from the bottom up. 

  • Experience exquisite space-holding that guides you to tap into the part of your awareness that makes all of these things magically easy. (So easy, your overworked left brain will feel pleasantly bypassed.)

I was completely blown away at how magical my session with Paloma was.


Her questions really helped me connect to my inner being, unlocking hidden messages that were waiting to come to the surface. I cleared some emotional blockages that came up naturally which was a welcomed surprise. I am an artist and the session helped me connect with my creative inner world and my own symbolism so deeply, which will help me heal and accomplish my goals much more easily.

Becca photo.JPG

Becca Lennon, visionary artist

Isabelle photo.jpg

My sessions with Paloma allowed me to discover and explore my inner landscapes which led to me finding this

precious missing puzzle piece which was hiding in a room inside of me.

With it, I was able to understand the challenging situation I was in.  

I experienced these huge ‘Aha!' moments where suddenly everything made sense.

Truly fascinating!

Sunrise of the Heart,

Isabelle Haase, actress & writer

I love the deliciousness of the

Soul Support Paloma offers.


It is intimate, real and magical. I gain deep connection with myself in every session, and I feel seen and respected in a way that is very uncommon to experience in today’s interactions. Paloma offers me a very free and wide space to explore my inner realms. The shifts are powerful, instantaneous, gentle and flow with ease.

Thank you Paloma! 

Marta's picture.jpg

Marta Ballabriga, healer

Imagine an experience that…


leaves you feeling like you’ve spent a whole day at the spa 


But also like you’ve condensed the fruits of hours of inner-work into one precious self-connection deep dive.


Sounds too good to be true?


I’m able to reliably offer my clients this experience because I’ve mastered the magic of modeling inner metaphor landscapes.


A fancy way of saying…I know how to activate the same energy that causes a caterpillar to transform into a butterfly… inside of you. 


What if you didn’t have to do the 'work' part of ‘inner-work’? 


What if you just had to answer this question:


What would you like to have happen?


And with my solid gentle help, let the rest if by magic.


All you need to do is get cozy on your couch and enjoy the white-glove-level space I hold as I ask questions that have you venturing deep into your own inner-knowing within the first five minutes, setting in motion waves of rapid (and deeply healing) change that will surprise and delight you.

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Ways to work with me

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Silas Photo.jpeg

Wow! I just finished my session with Paloma and I feel so much lighter and aligned than I did 60 minutes ago. She so skillfully helped me to highlight the joys and passions in my life, and furthermore, develop an internal compass for how to move forward.
It was a life changing experience that has stayed with me since! I'm so grateful!

Silas Hagerty, film producer

I want to tell you - the pace, the quality, the clarity at which events have been unfolding since our sessions is awe-inspiring.

I am now able to observe myself overcoming barriers and acting upon my instincts and the rewards are just breathtaking.

I am able to go with the currents, be bold and decisive. All that we digested together is working with and through me, perfectly.

Thank you for leading me into my depth and the gorgeous sense of freedom with which I can now walk through this life.

I’m excited and grounded to equal parts.

Nora Romanoff Schwarzberg, violist

Nora testimonial photo.png

About me

pic bright pink hair.jpg
Picture with Teal 2_edited.jpg

I’m 37 years old, half-American, half-Spanish. I grew up in Colorado and spent my Summers with my brother at our grandparents’ home in northern Spain. I did the International Baccalaureate Program and then studied International Relations and Romance Languages at NYU, and then International Law and Sustainable Development in the universities of Paris and Vienna. I tried to follow the career path my studies prepared me for but quickly collapsed as I experienced a strong episode of depression and anxiety that lasted a couple of years. With the help of a therapist I started doing inner-child healing work and enjoyed a gradual improvement in my levels of self-love and wellbeing. I decided to follow my true interests in the inner worlds of emotion and psychology and became a social worker for refugees. I loved it and eventually became a team leader. Continuing to allow myself to be led by my interests, I sought out training as a certified Soul-based Coach and a Completion Process Practitioner (a trauma-healing modality created by Teal Swan that I am also certified in, after being selected and trained by her in person). I also work very closely with the founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching Annemiek van Helsdingen as a trainer for her certification program, running my own pods in the year-long training. Holding space is a deep and essential part of who I am. It’s always an honor when someone trusts me enough to hold space for their unique process of healing and unfolding. 
Oh and I'm a very into jigsaw puzzles and painting-by-numbers! :)

Want to learn more about the technique that helps you luxuriously meet your deepest needs?
...and follow me on my socials, where you'll find more insights and stories about Soul Support and whatever mischief I'm currently up to!
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Image by Pawel Czerwinski
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