Healing is possible

Paloma White

Coaching and Healing


Hi there beautiful!

Welcome to my site! I am a Certified Soul-based Coach and a Certified Completion Process Practitioner.

I can help you connect with your soul-knowing and heal emotionally.


I help most of all with issues arising from the emotions of fear, insecurity and overwhelm.

I know a lot about healing from anxiety. It adversely affected my work and my relationship with my body for most of my life.

What I've come to learn is this: When you follow emotions down into their core, you gain awareness of the negative imprinting. That’s where your innate healing system can do its work.
And it does it very powerfully!

It's our willingness to fully feel emotional wounds that allows them to heal.

But I know that's not always easy, which is why I'm here to help.


Looking very much forward to connecting with you and witnessing your journey into greater resilience, confidence and happiness!


Soul-based Coaching

 Access your Soul-knowing 

Our thinking mind is often anxious because it's forgotten it doesn't have to take care of everything. A much more powerful creative force exists within you. Soul-based Coaching connects you with it.

Completion Process

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Heal the wounds from the past

Your inner child is hurt, scared and alone and more often in the driver's seat of your life than either of you would like.
The Completion Process makes true and lasting healing possible.



Healing sessions with Paloma have provided me with breakthroughs that no therapy has ever provided. She was patient and empathetic and guided me in an extraordinary manner. I recommend Paloma if you want to transform or heal any aspects of your life.


My session with Paloma was such a safe experience. She holds a very loving space and is confident in her ability to guide and be with you.
The different methods she uses are amazing. My session was revolutionary in such a delicate way


I find that I use the wisdom gained from these Soul- based Coaching sessions more than any other coaching I've had. It's a remarkable process and you will come away with the insights that work best for you in a way that resonates with your core. 


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