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Paloma White

Coaching and Healing


If you're a man and you need emotional support as well as effective, gentle, no fluff life coaching, then you're in the right place.

If you can imagine a space completely void of judgement, expectation, and the need to change anything about you...

And if you can imagine being exquisitely guided through a safari of your own inner world, in such a way that does nothing to "fix" you but still manages to change a surprisingly easy, even magical kind of way...

And if imagining this, you're already feeling an exhale, because it's okay for you to be exactly where you are...

-which is exactly where I'll meet you-

Then I invite you to get in touch with me so we can have a call and see if working with me provides your tortured inner-world the elixir you've been been longing for.


Soul-based Coaching

 Access your Soul-knowing 

Our thinking mind is often anxious because it's forgotten it doesn't have to take care of everything. A much more powerful creative force exists within you. Soul-based Coaching connects you with it.

Completion Process

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Heal the wounds from the past

Your inner child is hurt, scared and alone and more often in the driver's seat of your life than either of you would like.
The Completion Process makes true and lasting healing possible.


S. S.

Working with Paloma was no less than a miracle.  My entire life transformed in a very short amount of time, in ways I could not have imagined.

For the first time in many years of therapy, non-duality work, every self help modality that existed, retreats, readings, you name it, I was able to let go with Paloma, and enter a space deep in my core. I began to heal the childhood wounds that were keeping me stuck in every area of my life - love, community, friends, kids, career, decisions, finally feeling a sense of consistent and lasting happiness. I have called her a midwife, because she assisted in the birth of a new me.

Paloma has a gentle but masterful way of attuning to me, holding space and asking just the right questions at the right time, allowing me to be held in the pain that comes in addressing difficult things hard to explore alone.

This led me from a world of confusion, loneliness and sadness to a place of immense joy and a desire to be alive and take up space with people everywhere. I have found a sense of belonging when I am with others, and I see others as a gift now.

I am no longer afraid of my emotions after working with Paloma. I have begun to take action in my life such as setting boundaries, and following my internal knowing, asking myself what I wanted, instead of wanting to please others in order to be seen as a "good girl".  I now choose instead to live a life of pure authenticity.

I have embodied an awareness that will never leave me, thanks to her deep care and skill level. My voice has even changed and has a slower, more intuitive sound to it. My pace has slowed down and I no longer "hurry". I am clear and calm most of the time. I respond rather than react to circumstances. I am empowered, confident and my life has meaning!

There are no real words to describe the profound effect that working with Paloma has had on me.

She helped me to find my joy, my calling and ultimately she helped me to remember my true desire to be here on this earth, in a way that has taken me from victim to empowerment.

I am deeply grateful that we were led to each other! If you have the opportunity to work with Paloma I would highly recommend doing so. If she has made her way into your consciousness, then you are meant to have found her. She is a very special healer.


A. L.

Healing sessions with Paloma have provided me with breakthroughs that no therapy has ever provided. She was patient and empathetic and guided me in an extraordinary manner. I recommend Paloma if you want to transform or heal any aspects of your life.

S. A.

My session with Paloma was such a safe experience. She holds a very loving space and is confident in her ability to guide and be with you.
The different methods she uses are amazing. My session was revolutionary in such a delicate way

G. K.

I find that I use the wisdom gained from these Soul- based Coaching sessions more than any other coaching I've had. It's a remarkable process and you will come away with the insights that work best for you in a way that resonates with your core. 


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