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Soul-based Safari

There’s a goldmine of healing potential and manifestation power within each individual.

For most however, this goldmine remains completely untapped, the main reason being that most people don’t know it exists!

What is this goldmine?

It has different names but I like to call it the soul’s symbolic landscape.

Our soul has a language. This language is made up of symbols. Our subconscious translates our inner-knowing into metaphors that capture the essence of that knowledge (think gold nuggets, but they can be literally anything) and these ‘nuggets’ which exist in countless numbers populate entire richly vast inner-landscapes, completely unique to each person.

It’s possible to access this realm and use its power to quickly and gently come closer to anything we desire.

So what is Soul-based Coaching?

It’s your ticket to this world.

You can think of Soul-based Coaching like a safari into your own inner soul-landscapes where your coach is skilled at helping you get the most juicy discoveries out of your exploration as well as drive the jeep in a way that ensures meeting the intention for the safari in the first place.

That intention is set with the first question that’s asked at the beginning of the session.

It’s always the same:

“What would you like to have happen?”

This question is beautifully open for a reason. It allows you to pinpoint (or maybe ball-park, that’s okay too) that which you want to get out of the session; that which will serve you most because it gives you clarity and momentum in precisely the area of your life you’re most desiring it.

Here are a few examples of answers I’ve received to this first question:

• I want to manage the stress of the workplace, as well as my boss, better.

• I want to get a clearer understanding of the right path for me in my life.

• I want to do a kick-ass job at my upcoming project proposal in front of the panel of evaluators.

• I want to be healthier, lose weight and be more confident.

As you can see, these desired outcomes can be practical or psychological in nature, super specific or very broad. It could even be ‘’I want to know what it is that I want!” Ever felt that way? (and yes, I’ve had that one too)😉

After each session you will feel like you’ve not only walked straight into the inner-landscape where the necessary resources and wisdom for manifesting your desire exists, but also like you’ve rolled around in it to the point where it’s soaked into your bloodstream and any necessary action will feel not like a task but rather fully embedded in your body and like the most natural course to follow. Unlike the insights or motivation you might get from conventional concept-driven coaching, this knowing and inspiration doesn’t wear off. It sticks.

And most importantly it’s 100% your own soul-knowing. Which is what makes it so powerful as a game-changer in your own inner and outer reality.

Want to find out more? I'd love to have a discovery call with you so we can talk about how Soul-based Coaching can help you come closer to your desires

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