Soul-based Coaching is a very unique coaching approach that draws its power from Yin energy. Our culture and most coaching approaches are almost entirely Yang-based. Yang is sun energy, meaning forward movement and active creation. It's about action plans, strategies, logic and reason. Yin is the container for the yang. Yin is moon energy, meaning stillness, receptiveness, softness. It's about intuition, inspiration and trust. There is a profound wisdom in the Yin. It is possible to lean into it and allow positive change to flow with ease.


Our consciousness is vast. Like the submerged part of an iceberg, we are not aware of just how much inner-wisdom we actually posses. When trying to think our way out of struggle and towards solutions so that we may create what we want for ourselves in our lives, we forget it is possible to tap into this vast inner-knowing.
Our soul-wisdom is translated by our minds into symbols. Exploring and navigating your inner-world of metaphor landscapes allows precious and profound downloads of intuitive knowledge, insights and clarity to arise quickly within you.

Meditation by the Sea
Image by Jack Anstey


Shakti is life force energy and when it courses through us strongly our lives flow freely and in desired directions.
Transformations that flow forth from Shakti energy are natural, lasting and in alignment with our whole mind-body system's health.


Many people are aware that our thoughts create our reality. Soul-based Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool for creating exactly that which you most desire for yourself. With Soul-based Coaching, you will not just mentally envision the changes you crave. You'll also feel them fully in your body, where the momentum of your creative energy is strongest

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

The Soul-Based Coaching session I had with Paloma was a unique and powerful experience. I was amazed by how gently she was able to guide me back toward my own inner knowing. And by how quickly I began to see and understand the internal dynamics I was facing. I have been able to hold on to the symbols and insights that came up during the session for several months now. As a result, I made a lot of progress around a specific issue in my work life very quickly.

B. Z,

Before my Soul-based Coaching session with Paloma, I was always thinking a lot about the issue we worked on. It was very energy-consuming to go back and forth in my head all the time. The session helped me to have the resolution I needed.  The frustration was just wiped away! Since then, I have felt very relaxed with this issue. I haven't had to think about it at all. So liberating!

My Soul-based coaching sessions with Paloma allowed me to discover and explore my inner landscape which led to me finding this precious missing puzzle piece which was hiding in a room inside of me.
With it, I was able to understand the challenging situation I was in.
I experienced these huge ‘Aha!' moments where suddenly everything made sense. Truly fascinating!

A. H,

I. H.