We all have an emotional body. Its state of health directly determines our quality of life. Everyone experiences childhood emotional trauma, which is simply any distressing experience that does not end with resolution and integration. These wounds continue to vibrate in our energetic bodies, causing us to be a match to events and circumstances that trigger them. It is frustrating and overwhelming when we don't know how to handle these triggers and negative patterns which take over within us. Working directly with the energy of your emotions will allow you to shift them out of the distressed state and into a resolved one, forever improving the health of your emotional body and therefore your quality of life.


Physical time travel is not possible. Luckily for our mental and emotional health, emotional time travel is possible. The Completion Process allows you to give yourself the connection, support, empathy and resourcefulness you would have needed to pass through a painful experience into a resolved and integrated state.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


The healing that occurs in even just a single Completion Process session is like re-potting a plant that was struggling to grow in new healthy soil. There was nothing ever wrong with the plant, but its roots were unable to draw energy, or worse were drawing in toxic energy, due to the condition of the soil. The stored trauma in our minds and bodies is like that unhealthy soil.
The Completion Process restores your emotional body's health so that you can thrive.


Not only is emotional healing possible, it is the very purpose of your life. On the other side of your most painful struggles, lies the exact opposite emotional state, just as amazing as the other side is terrible. If fear is a limiting force in your life, it means you're meant to experience what it's like to feel peaceful, confident and empowered. The Completion Process allows you to step, gently and with my guidance, into your anxiety and then out into a new strong, happy You


Paloma is one of the kindest hearted people I've had the pleasure of working with and a very skilled healer, with a unique ability to find the underlying source of emotional struggles. She's very versatile, and creates a caring atmosphere that feels extremely comfortable, regardless of the subjects that may arise. Our sessions have imbued my life with a deep healing, clarity, and insight. To say it's a blessing working with her is an understatement.

L. I.

My first session with Paloma I had absolutely no worries trusting her with my full heart, which lead to a very deep and emotional experience. One year later I still benefit from that session as I understood my sad and angry emotions way better by knowing the real source of them. This enabled me to be much more stable and self-confident.

Paloma is the only person I could get comfortable doing this with, since I struggle fearing people’s reactions. She hasn’t judged me once for anything I’ve went through and makes it okay to feel how I feel which is amazing. I’ve been trying to heal for years and I’ve gained so much healing since I’ve started working with her. I can’t believe life can heal this fast when you have someone who can actually help. She’s the best coach I’ve ever been blessed to find.

J. C.

M. S.