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Patrycja Magdalena

When I found Paloma I was nearly giving up, highly fragmented and in a deep depression.

We’ve had 11 sessions so far that have brought a feeling of being reborn and an ability to continue the healing processes on my own remembering how she was guiding me.

Our sessions are priceless, magical experiences, always ending with a release of pain, lightness, and a return to my daily reality with satisfaction and joy, fully connected to my heart. 


I remember in one session I experienced a miraculous instant merge with a fragment of mine. I was filled with tingling uplifting sensations emanating throughout my body and I was laughing and smiling like I haven't been able to for years.

She helps you to dig deeper, with acceptance instead of fear, honoring what you are feeling in the moment and not pushing anything where it is not needed.

Our work together has transformed my life. She’s brought me to the place where I can connect with my inner treasures and richness and believe in myself. 

Paloma is absolutely amazing as a coach and healer. You can feel that this is truly her soul’s purpose. She also lives what she teaches, which I appreciate very much. She asks the best questions in the midst of the process. Working with her feels like being held in a fluffy cocoon, while you are facing your deepest pain and then being carried smoothly to resolve it and finding proper solutions in magical ways.


Having gotten to know Paloma and experience the Soul-based Coaching that she does has really brought some massive improvements into my life. After each session there is an instant shift that you can feel in every cell of your body. I have done a lot of parts work and CP by myself in the past but sometimes I go to really dark places and I just can’t do it by myself. Reaching out to Paloma is one of the greatest gifts the universe has given me so far.

What I remember most about my Completion Process session with Paloma is her gentle voice reassuring that she was there with me as I dove deep into my pain. I felt safe that I could test the limits of how far I could go into the shadows and knew that Paloma would guide me back if I got lost.

She lives this work and continues to dive deep into her own shadows as she walks with others into theirs. You will be well cared for during a session with Paloma.





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