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When you’re used to doing a ton of parts-work on yourself, it gets kind of tricky to answer the question “who am I?”. ;)
But I’ll give it a go.
First and foremost, I’m a total nerd. My area of obsession is the inner world we all have within, full of thoughts and feelings, dreams and fears.  I remember a moment when I was about 8 years old, in the supermarket where my parents often did the grocery shopping. I was in the large center aisle between the cash registers and the rest of the store and I saw a woman a bit down the aisle and remember thinking “she has her own world in her head, just like me, but different”. I was both fascinated and perplexed, as if the realization was too complex for my small brain.
Fast forward 25 years and I’m just as intrigued by questions like “What is consciousness?’, “Why do we feel and act the way we do?” and “How can we make the best of our unique human experience?”.
Which is why, in late 2017, after an array of university degrees and work experiences, I decided to jump off the cliff and let my passion catch me. It was scary but I'm so glad I did!
My passion is to connect deeply. With myself, with other souls…with you. My calling is to hold space for the vulnerable, angry, scared and distressed parts we all have within, so that they may heal and we may thrive.  I wish to explore with you the incredible beauty of conscious creation, where it begins…the canvas that is your mind and the palette of colors that is your emotional life.
Want to know more? Ask me anything!